Dish Brush/Replaceable Head
Dish Brush/Replaceable Head

Eco Vask

Dish Brush
Replaceable Head


Swedish designed, these brush heads are made from certified beech wood and tampico (flax) bristles. Can also be used alone as a vegetable brush.

This replaceable brush head works with the Ecovask ergonomic dish brushes. To change - simply slide silicon sleeve down handle to release and change brush head as required.

Sold as a single brush head.

Instructions for changing the replaceable brush head

  • Pinch steel prongs together and ease silicone several inches down the handle.
  • Holding the brush handle with steel prongs angled up, hold brush head (wood side up) and place grooved edge of the brush head against inside edge of curved steel prong. Ease second prong over the top of the brush head to secure into groove around the wooden head.
  • Gently pinch steel prongs together at the neck of the brush head and ease silicone back up the handle to secure.
  • We recommend cleaning inside the silicon handle once in a while. To do this, remove stainless steel piece and use straw cleaning brush to remove any build up from the silicon sleeve.


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