Master Series Zester Grater with timber handle
Master Series Zester Grater with timber handle


Master Series Zester Grater with timber handle


Featuring Microplane's iconic long and narrow, rasp-style design, these Premium Classic Series Zester Graters are used by chefs worldwide. The Master Series perfectly blends beautiful, oiled walnut handle with surgical grade stainless steel for superior results and elegant design.

Expertly crafted with surgical grade stainless steel blades, these zester graters cut through both soft and hard foods effortlessly, without shredding or tearing. Perfect for grating garlic, ginger, cheese, and citrus! It’s the perfect depth to ensure you only get the zest, and no bitter pith

Brand Information

Microplane is the premier brand worldwide for exceptionally sharp culinary tools. Possibly most famous for our graters and zesters, the brand has revolutionised the way chefs and home cooks grate and zest a wide range of ingredients for flavourful, gourmet style cooking and baking.

Most graters on the market use a stamped metal process. In this process, the teeth are made the same thickness as the rest of the blade. As a result, stamped blades are dull. Microplane utilises a chemical process called photo-etching that defines and sharpens the edge of each tooth on the grater. The result is a much sharper tooth, and long-lasting, ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, giving you the consumer, a more precise result with far less effort.

Care & Use

Hand wash - do not soak in water to preserve wooden handle

Condition handle as needed with mineral oil
Hand wash cover separately
Store with blade cover on when not in use



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