Organic NZ Wool Baby Blanket
Organic NZ Wool Baby Blanket
Organic NZ Wool Baby Blanket


Organic NZ Wool Baby Blanket


Natural beauty, natural drape, natural comfort. Undyed this allows the beauty of the natural wool to shine through.

The Wyld Baby Blanket/Wraps are super soft, lightweight and warm, they'll keep your wee one cosy at all times. The perfect size for the stroller, cot or car seat. A great gift for a baby shower or first time Mum.

Wyld celebrates the wonders of nature. Wyld products mimic the natural fleece of the Pihepe and Bohepe sheep, which endure extreme conditions in the wild. Created from 75% organically grown wool and 25% wild-harvested possum. 

Brand Information 

The Pihepe and Bohepe sheep are fully certified organic and run free across the hill country at Lucas Bay and Ataahua on Banks Peninsula. They are resilient, agile and graceful, with a natural ability to survive.

Pihepe and Bohepe are pasture raised and grazed, receive no chemical treatment, inoculation or antibiotics in their lifetime and their tails are left as nature intended, wagging behind them. They are shorn once a year in the summer thus allowing them to keep warm through the winter months.

Composition & Care Instructions

Composition: 50% Pihepe Wool, 25% Bohepe Wool, 25% Possum Fur

Care instructions: Cool gentle hand wash with wool detergent. Wring dry in a towel. Tumble dry hot to shrink back into shape." "Wyld products move with you. Active garments are able to adapt to your changing body. The high curvature of these soft, spring-like fibres allow for stretching and returning to their original state (known as fibre memory).


90 cm x 80 cm

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